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2017 Japan Acoustic Tour


Coming straight back to my birthplace! It’s been a few years but I’m excited to kick off the first shows of the year in Japan. I’ll definitely be trialing out some new songs that I’m working on AND super excited to also be bringing along my guitarist Joe Fallon to do the shows as a […]


Mission’s Round Two


I wasted a whole day trying to find a damn coin laundry. I had googled that there was one in the suburb next to me – and it didn’t seem that far but once I entered the winding pathways of the concrete Daikanyama jungle.. well I was screwed. I wasted 3 hours walking around.. passing […]


Soul Kitchen


I headed out to Shimokitazawa – an area that’s quite well known amongst youths for second hand shops, record stores and other little hole in the walls such as cafes. I took the Yamanote Line to Shinjuku Station then transferred to Odakyu Line where it stopped at Shimokitazawa – but probably don’t do that. Best […]


Namba, Osaka

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For breakfast we had standing udon. It’s for real quick eating and usually at train stations so that people can move on and get to where they need to go. I’ve never eaten standing up like this haha so I guess it was an experience for me. It was so cheap yet so delicious!   […]


Japan Tour – Tennoji


I arrived at 6:55pm the previous day to be met by my father. Straight away, I dragged him to the Tonkatsu restaurant on the top floor as I love, love, love tonkatsu. We then drove back to Kawasaki where he lives, hung out with him and his wife Kay and then fell asleep on the […]


Japan Tour with 山崎怠雅


I am so excited and so happy to announce that I will be doing a Japan tour with Taiga Yamazaki (山崎怠雅) in November. Taiga has just released his second album, ‘Monolith To Umi’ and we will be taking on eight acoustic shows over the week to celebrate. I hope to see any locals or those […]


Day 9 – Tokyo


Well, I got hit on my last day with the typhoon. It was a drastic change from the previous night’s humid heats. In the morning I went to Tokyo Station to meet at the popular meeting place, Gin no Suzu. I met up with Taiga Yamazaki, independent Japanese artist and his wife for chats and […]