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Because my goldfish father forgot my camera.. I only had my phone to take photos with so they could be a bit meh. But they have always been meh anyway so it’s no excuse. For James’ first day we decided he needed a coat to wear in the cold winter winds. He never wears a coat in Australia so it was something he needed but didn’t want to spend loads on.. so for the third time this week, we went to Koenji (second hand wonderland).

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Nigiri breakfasts..

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Crazy leather pleat blouse

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Didn’t even know Cartier did bags too.. such cool things I saw!

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James bought me this cute little Parisian wool hat for.. $6!

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I got this back pack. I have always needed a back pack that still was very me so it is a happy purchase!

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Picked up a Louis Vuitton tie for $5 for one of my close friends!

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Made new friends

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This dog wouldn’t leave James alone 😛 in the end, James scored a Burberry duffle coat for $30. It’s definitely been worn in but it is still in great condition and actually adds to the charm. We had no idea being plebs, that Burberry coats are crazy expensive until we googled it. WOO!



We then met up with my dad who has been an excellent roadie all week and headed out to Kameari. It’s a small town that is pretty much in Chiba. In Japan we always rock up so super early for sound checks and pre-performance meet ups… but this place was purely acoustic and yet we still rocked up 1.5 hours earlier. This venue was a super small intimate place. It was almost like we got invited to do a house gig in one room with lots of collector’s items. There was a lot of stuff in this 3 level building. I can definitely say I’ve had a whole variety of gig experiences on this tour. Once we put our stuff down, we went to eat gyozas.



Saba-do. He was obsessed with mackerel. He had stickers on his guitar, wore a shirt AND a hoodie and sang songs dedicated to the life of Saba the fish.



Taiga has been a great manager on my week of touring. I am so blessed to have been able to partake on such a journey. I can’t express the amount of thanks and gratitude I have towards this amazing person, talented musician and big brother.

Also big thanks to my dad for being a roadie for the week. From never having really heard me play a show to going to every single nightly performance would have been tiring and time consuming. I would’ve had a lot more trouble without the help.

Yuri, Taiga’s wife has also been very supportive especially in Osaka. Thank you so much for extending your hand in accommodating and welcoming me to this foreign land.

Taiga’s friends and fans have also treated me like they would treat Taiga and for that, I am touched. Thank you. Thank you to everyone I have met, played music with, the venues who hosted my shows and more. I seriously cannot get over the amazing tour in Japan.



Smile.. and it is a tourist photo



Don’t smile and it’s a 1970’s band album cover


My dad and Kay gave me their old belts from Arizona which are insanely beautiful and of great quality. My dad also gave me one of his bolos with stones inlayed into the metal. It’s most definitely my favourite. I’ve never seen such a well made bolo before and have always wanted one but thought the ones I have seen look like cheap pumped out factory crap. This is most definitely a special piece that I will treasure. Thank you!


Anyway, time is getting slim to be able to blog very well so excuse me if this entry was a little poo. They’re all going to start getting poo though haha. Let the photos do the better job for me!