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Japan Tour – Tennoji

I arrived at 6:55pm the previous day to be met by my father. Straight away, I dragged him to the Tonkatsu restaurant on the top floor as I love, love, love tonkatsu. We then drove back to Kawasaki where he lives, hung out with him and his wife Kay and then fell asleep on the […]


Day 8 – Furano + Biei + Asahikawa

I finally got my first good night’s rest. It was a relief when my mum woke me up with her voice and not her snoring – she hustled me to go to the hot springs early before we went down for breakfast. I loved the hot springs facilities at this place. It was just so […]


Day 1 – Tokyo

Flight sucked. I struggled to sleep and didn’t catch a wink the night before. Mum and I sat apart with a lovely Brazillian girl in between us. She loved a chat but unfortunately, I was way too exhausted to channel my mind so I palmed her off to my mum. I don’t think my mum […]