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The Lonely Side to Being Independent

I’m so proud of being an independent artist. To be able to say I did all of this by myself and with the support of some great people around me is a salute to the hard work that has been put in. But some days it is far from glitz and glamour. Today is one. […]


Vocals, Roast Pork & Friands

After being smashed by 4 days of recording, the worst had yet to come. I had 4 exams the very next day and I was utterly stressed. All I had managed to study was in between recording breaks, or even at desperate moments, read as I recorded. The band thought I was reading lyrics but […]


Recording of the 2nd Album in the Middle of Nowhere

DAY 1 We made our way to Airlock Studios in the preserved valley of Samford. It seems almost surreal that a pocket of untouched nature remains quite close to Brisbane. Here, sits the studio of Powederfinger member Ian Haug – and boy what a beauty this studio is! Sitting on a hilltop surrounded by trees […]