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Bagan, Myanmar

Once we flew into Bagan in a very small plane – we checked in, rented e-bikes and made our way through the town. Our first stop was Nyang U Market, a local market for groceries, household goods as well as a little strip to tend to the tourists. Here we saw ladies carry the craziest […]



Malaysia was amazing. It was such a privilege to fly over to complete a crowdfunding reward from last year. Nate, the manager of Loco Bar in Bukit Bintang bought a gig off the campaign so I got to go over to Kuala Lumpur to play a 3 set gig in conjunction with DJ Dean who […]


Asakusa + Akihabara

We met up with Aunty Lala, a childhood family friend of mine and had Tonkatsu for lunch. We just had to cram as many tonkatsu meals as we can before we go back home. Afterwards we went to Asakusa to give James the ultimate tour round. Enjoyed some freshly grilled senbei (Japanese rice crackers) and […]