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Day 2 – Hakodate, Hokkaido

We arose at a ghastly 5 am to get to Haneda airport. From here we were headed to the town on the southern peninsula on Hokkaido Island. We flew with Japan Airlines which had great service. It’s interesting how much faster the airport process was just because of their heavy use of technology. We are […]


Rottnest Island

I had a day alone the next day and scratched my head on what I could do. I was considering swinging up to the National Park but at the very last minute opted for Rottnest Island. I was so glad I made that decision, I was first deterred by the fact it was winter but […]



Kings Park Day 2 started off with a hangover. It hung over for the rest of the day which slowed my touristy ventures. We eventually dragged ourselves to Kings Park, the largest botanical gardens located in the city on the southern hemisphere (apparently). The grass was amazing, I nearly fell asleep on their soft green […]