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First Mandarin Cover with Tsai Chin’s 你的眼神

I had fun learning this one! Within the last year or so, I’ve really been trying to up my Mandarin game. I’ve broken through some shy barriers and have actually started to try and speak it here and there. I thought learning a Mandarin song would be a fun way to keep pushing those boundaries […]


VIDEO: Lovesong Live from The Zoo

Yay!! Another live video from the gig last year in October at The Zoo. This has been one of my favourite gigs and am so glad I can finally share another snippet from it. One of my favourite songs by The Cure. Make sure to swing by my Soundcloud account to grab a FREE download!


VIDEO: Your Heart is as Black as Night

Yay!!! Finally another video got slapped together from last year’s Cupid release. Check it out below! Also, keep your eyes out on my YouTube channel and Soundcloud as I get the covers up that people have requested from the crowdfunding campaign. I’ll be uploading videos and putting up free downloads!