Recording Band Cover Videos

Phewww! What an exhausting day!

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It was only meant to be a super casual day to finally have some content of the band playing together up on to the interwebs. But the coordination of 10 people, 5 cameras, 4 instruments, 3 fully loaded cars and a bucket full of an assortment of cables is never really just ‘casual.’

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Everyone woke up super early to defeat the morning traffic and get our day started. The hardest part is setting up and deciding on all of the little things, so we ended up taking about 4 hours. Thankfully we had the place booked in for most of the day.

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Once all of the many elements were decided (lighting, positions, sound levels…) we got cracking. This part of the day pretty much flew passed as we took a few takes of each song. One of the songs we learned the night prior and ended up smashing it in one take so that was a good feeling. By the time we got to the 4th song, it was obvious that our brains were crashing a little haha.

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After a 4 hour set up it only took 40 minutes to pack the place up and another 20 to load into our cars. And just like that, the whole day was gone.

A few of us went out for $10 burgers which felt amazing in my little tum tum as I didn’t get a chance to eat all day.

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I think its quite underestimated the variety of work independent musicians have to do, we don’t just play music – we play managers, bookers, producers, analysers, marketers, accountants (pfft) etc. and it does get quite tiring. And although today was a simple task, I came home and was drop dead exhausted. I would have probably passed out a lot earlier if it wasn’t for my wonderful team behind me. That’s the other thing, a lot of the things I do as an independent musician is impossible without other people donating their time and talents to help out where they can.

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With that said, my thanks goes out to Lewis Barry for taking care of Sound – that was like 50% of the whole shizzbang I didn’t have to think about and the boy lugged both his monitors and computer rig – Deshna Karan, Gareth Mak and Abraham Ostling for being my amateur-to-professional-in-one-day cameramen, Tim Roberts for lending advice to the visual side of things and being the still photographer, Visible Ink for the beautiful space & support and my bandmates Luke Sampson, Jack Killalea and Joe Fallon.

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Hopefully the videos turn out great… But I’m not excited to edit.