Hawaii Day 13 – Waikiki & Ala Moana


It was our first proper day in Waikiki or Honolulu or Oahu since landing the night before. So we decided to just have a bit of an easy day of walking around and also satisfying our little American shopping hunger.


After having breakfast, I came across a green tea shop that sold nothing but green tea stuff. I was ecstatic. And when I saw that the soft serve I ordered was the darkest green I’ve ever seen, I knew it was going to be loaded with that favourite green tea flavour that I yearn for all the time. That was the richest green tea ice cream I have ever had. Yum.


We then walked alongside a waterway river thing until we got to the place we wanted to check out – Bailey’s Antiques. A place with over 15,000 aloha shirts. Wow it was insane.


The place looked like a Hawaiian shirt Christmas tree. I was almost knocked off my feet from the prices though. It was way overpriced. Apparently, these ones were a lot more collectible. Some of them were off the reproduction line for decades so they were priced over a grand.


It was then that I knew that there was no point visiting antique shops on the main island. The ones on the Big Island were way more reasonable (actually I’d say they were bargains now). It was still cool to see a place rammed in with one product. The shopkeeper told us that there were collectors around the world, with one of the main ones from Saudi Arabia.


How cuteeeeeeee are the post vans in the US?


We then continued walking all around and back into Waikiki, this time walking along the beachfront to see what the rave was all about.


Wow. The water was crystal blue. Not just any blue too, but like that beautiful pale aquamarine that makes you want to run in no matter what you were wearing. I couldn’t believe how clean and clear the water was for how populated it is and how it sits in front of a very dense area of skyscrapers and tourism.


The waves looked peaceful and calm compared to our beaches on the Gold Coast. Both beautiful in their own way, of course.


We then had Marukame Udon for lunch which was delicious. Then headed over to Ala Moana Center – one of the largest open air shopping centres in the world to satisfy some shopping. We ended our night with a delicious crepe and then walked all the way home (as I made us accidentally miss the last bus).


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