Graduation & Resurrection of Creativity

So I hit a personal milestone – I graduated. And although the ceremony was full of your typical boring spiel of congratulatory speeches and reading long lists of names, I am so glad to have had my turn of it. I can officially say that I have a bachelor degree attached to my name.
I also wrapped up my last semester sweeping up 5 awards, which could never have been done without the undying support I had around me. I brought home two sponsored awards – highest GPA in my major, highest GPA in undergraduate, Vice-Chancellor’s List, Dean’s List and First in Class.
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It’s a little daunting because now you’re asked, “Well, what now?” to which they expect that you’re partaking in some excellent graduate program at a top tier firm but you reply with, “Music” and bewilderment strikes their face.

However, I have taken on a part time job at a software development firm that is fully understanding of my music and is giving me that flexibility I need. I also love that I can just dress casual there, I’m not really ready to suit up quite yet. Then some people ask “Well why don’t you just do music full time?”
The reality is, music work and cash flow is inconsistent so I’ve gotta do what I can to keep it viable. It doesn’t hurt to also have a back up plan incase the music industry lottery doesn’t favour me. So my weekly structure is now this: 2 days for the firm, 3 days for my artistry and an actual weekend. Weekends always had a blurred line for me during studies because that was the only way, but it made me burned out which also fizzled whatever I had left for my creativity.

And this fizzled creativity is my pickle right now.

I was so used to having assignments and study to do that whenever I have a moment to rest or feel like playing the guitar, I felt like it was a bad use of time. Now that I’ve finished studying for the time being, my biggest obstacle is to set designated times where I’m allowed to do creative things. I haven’t quite gotten there yet but I’m trying to work on it.

I started doing 15s covers that are requested by people on Instagram (@deenamusic) because it almost seemed like little assignments/tasks that I have to dedicate time on to complete except it helps stimulate inspiration. I’ve also started to dedicate specific segments of my day to admin work, rehearsals and I’ve yet to conquer it, but to other creative things. I’m hoping to be able to learn leather  craft and finally paint that canvas I bought off Gumtree despite my horrible painting skills.

It’s hard to get yourself into a routine after being told what your routine is for a few years but I’m trying to let this year be about music. I’m going to be honest and say I’m burned out and need to find my mojo. I’m a human being and I also want people to join the curious journey of this whole music shizzbang.
For all those out there in all sorts of creative facets, how do you structure your days? How do you stay inspired? GIVE ME THE SECRET!!!!