Foxy Bean


Had two gigs over the weekend at the same place but for two different types of days. It had been a while since I’d done acoustic gigs but these were both solo. I’ve gotta be honest and say I’ve been struggling with my confidence the last few weeks. It’s been a bit of a road bump since finishing university and being comfortable with not aspiring towards a typical career of going into a graduate program and being a white collar worker.


The more and more further I get from it, the more my confidence waivers as it means I’m being serious about music. Then you start getting your head into the thought bubble of just how much talent there is out there and how you match up against it. So a 3 hour gig on a Sunday afternoon made me nervous and scared.


Foxy Bean on Stanley St East, Woolloongabba is a beautiful venue. Reminiscent of a vintage lounge and Australian backyard hybrid, it’s such an inviting place for friends with a coffee or a beer. Sunday afternoon was filled with people who had the exact same idea, and it seemed there was a some sort of family reunion as well. After 3 hours, I was exhausted.


The very next day, I was back at Foxy Bean but for the inaugural event of Scar Stories – an organisation aiming on raising awareness for young adult cancer. This event was a result of a successful crowdfunding campaign and the celebration of their first book with photographs of beautiful people sharing their scars and stories. The night was filled with inspirational people with incredible feats that made you realise the fragility of life. It was truly amazing to be a part of it, an absolute honour to bring the music alongside the other musician that night, Adil Memon. Well done to Jasmine Gailer, Kylie Cobb and all the other amazing, courageous individuals that put this night together.10363620_679227062162235_226739882735296532_n10577140_679232158828392_2545699101214996839_n