Decided to go away for the weekend to try and get creative and give myself some time off. So we headed down to Federal down near Byron Bay hinterland in New South Wales for two nights.


I was sad that it was raining so I couldn’t head down to the beach. I was really excited to get a bit of sun before winter crashes in. So I decided to hang out with the animals. There was one cow and 4 chickens on the farm.


There were also so many fruits and veggies to enjoy. I also got to cook up some freshly laid eggs, which was delicious.


This little chicken was so excited everytime I stumbled out of my cottage. She would follow me around and beg for attention. When she was busy somewhere else finding worms and bugs, I’d hop outside and just make a clucking sound. She would then come dashing out from the bushes acres away making gobble noises like ,”HEY HEY, I’M COMING!!!”


It was the first time I had hung out with chickens. I had no idea how social and friendly they were. From the four that were there I could really see that they had personalities as well.


I got to bring a pumpkin home! Can’t wait to make pumpkin soup or something.


As I saw there was some amazing raspberry jam lying around, I decided to make scones. It was my first time so it wasn’t perfect but I kind of liked that it was a biscuit scone.


I was so sad to leave my little chicken friend behind. Even the owner of the farm told me that she hasn’t held her before so I was welcome back anytime! I gave her one last pet and cuddle and said goodbye.

IMG_0232  IMG_0234

We stopped off at Bangalow to check out some of the antique shops. There was a great homeware one that was in a warehouse. I’d love to fill my own house with beautiful stuff one day, but for now it would be called hoarding haha.


I had to rush on back to Brisbane to play a gig at Kettle & Tin in Paddington. The drive home brought out sun showers. Oh, a road trip down south wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Yatala Pies.


I’ll be heading back down this weekend with the band to play at The Rails, Byron Bay for Melbourne band, Tully on Tully ‘All These Words’ East Coast Tour. Actually we’ll be playing two shows with them this weekend, if you’re around come check it out!

18th – Bearded Lady, Brisbane also with Lulu & the Cutthroats ($10 from 8pm)
19th – The Rails, Byron Bay (from 6pm)