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Lake Matheson, Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier (South Island, NZ)

The weather wasn’t looking good for us today. Checking the forecast, it showed that it would rain in the afternoon so we headed off to our first hike to Franz Josef Glacier in the wee morning. We first hiked through lush rainforest but that soon opened up to a moon-like crater of rocks. As we […]


Day 7 – Furano

We woke up nice and early to rain. I love rain but, kind of makes it annoying on travels. So we went to the local convenience store ‘combini’ Lawson and bought some umbrellas. Then we headed off, it was about a 2 hours drive today to Furano. On the way we stopped for a toilet […]


Bundjalung National Park

Desh, Abe, James and I decided to take a spontaneous trip down south to Bundjalung National Park, just passed Evans Head in New South Wales. On the way down we stopped by the small town of Ballina to grab some lunch. I’ve swung by down that town before and enjoyed amazing pizza at Raamon’s so […]