Mt French

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It was Luke’s (drummer) birthday on Friday so we decided to head out west to Moogerah Peaks National Park, more commonly known by rock climbers as Frog’s Buttress and checked out an untouched property bordering the park which Luke is looking to get. Absolutely gorgeous.

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After hiking through hectares of Black Boys, we popped down to the local pub for Sunday roast. Roast pork, veggies, cheesy bake and apple cider jus – can’t complain.

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We then headed back, stopping by farms on the way to gather some produce. I noticed this abandoned fuel station on the way home and had to take a few snaps, such a potential photo shoot location, haha maybe when I do my next press photos.

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I had never been out west before, but it is very underestimated. I would love to spend more time that way and explore the little towns.

Happy Birthday Luke!

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It has been a debate in my mind on whether or not to do a crowd funding campaign to launch my sophomore album. A mate commented that crowd funding is a cop out to the hard working artists/bands that have done it alone and was adamant for me to not participate.

Though in my mind, I saw crowd funding as a platform for people who believe in you to show their support toward your passion and dreams. To show that in fact you don’t have to actually do it alone and that you don’t need to drive yourself into the ground hungry to give good music to people.

So Bun and I have been working hard the last two weeks drawing up rewards and getting the campaign ready, if all goes well we hope to launch it in a few days. We’ve also been grateful for others who have helped to get this ready – Josh, Gareth, Chris, Shu Shu and Tom. And if you are against the crowd funding experience, I hope you can look past it and treat it as a pre-order platform. We are super excited!

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