Last Gig on the ‘Black Cat’ Tour

Friday night saw our last gig for the Black Cat tour. Phew! And what a way to finish as well.. It was my favourite gig to date as everything just worked out perfectly. That never happens.


Duckboi (Chris) and Jack Bratt from Golden Age of Ballooning

We ended the tour doing a co-headline gig with Golden Age of Ballooning who released their single ‘Across the Nation’ in celebration of coming back together after a hiatus.

Jack Killalea playing bass guitar
Deena Lynch singing

Black Bear Lodge gave home to a fantastic sound engineer, Sam, who made the sound the best I had ever dealt with so far. I didn’t have to complain or ask for anything, he absolutely nailed it.

I forgot to give Joe my slider… but thankfully he improvised by sculling his beer glass. 101 Pub Techniques by Mr. Joe Fallon.

Joe Fallon playing electric guitar slide with beer glass
Singer Songwriter, Deena Lynch of Deena
Deena and Band

I popped my cherry of playing an electric guitar on stage.. I was absolutely anxious about it but it all ended up a-okay.. didn’t kick on any wrong pedals or tread all over Joe’s delicious leads. And I’m sure my new guitar has been gloating in the praises of how beautiful it is since the night. I’ve been enjoying all the name suggestions as well, I’m still dwelling on a decision but definitely have a few favourites.


Everyone was stoked with the turn out, with a buzzing crowd ready to rock out to the music and then party on afterwards as DJ Bris Springsteen came on with the best classics. Even I couldn’t help but get my jig on on the dancefloor.


Thank you so much to everyone who came, the talented band behind me (Joe, Jack & Jasper), the Heath family for letting us rehearse in their home to get our chops up, Lawrie Dillon for lending me his guitar gear and pedals so I could give my new green machine a go and MX Newspaper for this fantastic feature. Big thanks to Aidan of Aidan Hogg Photography and Bruce of Side Show Photography for these amazing photos.


As we wrap up the tour for the release of my second album ‘Black Cat’ and the singles that came out with it ‘Cupid’ and title track ‘Black Cat’ I just want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who was involved – friends, family, my fabulous and talented band (Joe Fallon, Jack Killalea, Jasper Gundersen and my old drummer Luke Sampson), Danae Effern & Emma Wiking of Remedy PR, and all the media and radio stations that have been so supportive these last few months. Now I’ve gotta think about what I’m going to do next! Another chapter begins…