Happy Mother’s Day!

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I am so blessed to have a mother with such strength, love, courage, wisdom, charisma and absolute cuteness. Even though you’re oceans away right now, just know that you are in my thoughts, not just today, but everyday that you are not at home. Bun and I miss you very much.

Seeing as my mummy is overseas at the moment, I was able to play rent-a-child to all the beautiful mothers that had their own cherubs in different cities or countries. For one mum I cooked up lunch and bought flowers, for another mum I took her to the movies and a coffee date and for another mum I had dinner and bought her a gorgeous handmade succulents/iron bark log/tea-light candle thing from the markets, probably best I put up a photo:

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And even though I miss my own darling mother, I felt blessed to have spent so much time with other mums. It was a slight insight into how many great mothers surround me. Happy Mother’s Day to all the awe-inspiring mothers out there!!!

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