Easter Long Weekend

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So I didn’t have the typical family-oriented Easter long weekend – my mum is in New York visiting my sister so luckily I had some exciting gigs scheduled in. I have finally finished my very last set of exams for my degree so all I need to do is wait for graduation in June.
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That meant that before the line up of gigs, I hadn’t had time to play music or rehearse with the band so I was stressing over the long weekend. I spent all of Friday rehearsing with the band and acoustic with Luke on percussion. 10 hours of playing over the weekend led to some nasty blisters. I’ve never had blisters!
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Saturday was a lot of fun. The City Sounds gigs that Brisbane Marketing puts on are always a ball of excitement. People that don’t have the time or desire to go to some shady bar or some little tacky venue to hear music can enjoy live independent artists rocking it out during sessions of retail therapy at Queen St Mall. Many people were super supportive and hopefully had as much of a good time as I did. We did a complete different set up to usual with just the acoustic guitar and a whole array of percussion instruments, from a djembe, cajon or to simple shakers. Luke did a great job adapting to our first acoustic gig in over a year.
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On Sunday, we headed to Easterfest in Toowoomba. I’ve never played or in fact, visited Toowoomba so I was pretty excited. Joe traditionally works at Bluesfest down at Byron Bay so it was just Luke, Jack and I without the lead guitar. I knew Easterfest would be different but I was actually surprised to have enjoyed the festival and the entire town a lot. I was surrounded by beautiful people and met some wonderful personalities. I was fortunate to play with a technical set up of a gorgeous stage with a great sound system and then in the afternoon got to play in a local Turkish music lounge, embellished with gypsy-like decorations. Both gigs were such contrasts but fulfilled me in very different ways.
DSC_0076_01deenaCrowdMall19apr2014 10245306_738562539498303_3324182623813317691_n Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 2.12.50 pm10277431_738938546127369_6810154052623713110_n  Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 2.12.29 pmI was also blessed to be able to hear some other great artists lined up for Easterfest like Dami Im, winner of the XFactor. Not my real type but finally good to put a voice to the face my mum was always talking about on TV.
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Thank you to the usual suspects and music-lovers that came all the way from Brisbane to come see my gigs in different places. Also thank you to the new people I met who made the effort to hear me play. Haha and thanks to those who bought my t-shirts at Easterfest! After holding onto that inventory forever, I finally just have one shirt left!! I’m also very grateful to Tim Roberts and my man James for running around to these photos.Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.52.24 pmThis is a pathetic blog but I had to get it down before I forget. I’m mentally and physically exhausted from the run of gigs, rehearsals and 2 weeks of studying for exams and assessments. Hopefully I can give myself some time to rejuvenate my soul and then my plan for the rest of the year is to dedicate proper energy towards my music and to also do things that I want to do for myself, like leather crafting haha.
I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter and long weekend. I don’t think Bun quite enjoyed me putting one of those Lindt bunnies’ necklaces on her but she sends her Easter greetings 😛

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