Cupid Music Video


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Cupid: Lewis Edwards
Victim: Deena Lynch

Producer: Rhiannon Steffensen
Director: Jonathan Fang
1st Assistant Director: Natasha Richards
Director of Photography: Francis Thompson
Production Designer: Jess Moxon
Editor: Josef Switak
1st Assistant Camera: Jesse Phomsouvanh
2nd Assistant Camera: Ben Russle
2nd Camera Operator: Ben Russle
Drone Operator: Anasiou Canaris
Production Design Assistant: Kieta Klapper
Stylist: Deshna Karan

Special Thanks to:
Gold Coast American Car Hire
Rusty’s Fuel Station

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.25.28 pm

We had to be on location by 7am and as it was in between Ipswich and Toowoomba, we had to be awake by 5am. I actually didn’t sleep at all that night just because I was so excited, nervous, worried and unable to switch off. Desh slept over to make it easier for the early journey out. In case you didn’t know, Deshna is my best friend and fashion designer which means she’s a stylist for me on every occasion because I’m incapable of dressing myself.


We got to Rusty’s Fuel Station to find that the lead actor, Lewis Edwards was also incapable of dressing himself. Hahaha, so Desh whipped up her magic with what was there and made him look his part. I hurried off into a demountable toilet to try and paint my face.


Getting the car had been such a pickle for this video. All of our options always met with dead ends but thanks to Peter and Elaine from Gold Coast American Car Hire, they stepped up at the very last minute and was even happy to linger around set the entire hot and dry country day. I even ended up giving them keys to my car later on to go with Desh to the local saloon to grab themselves a cold beer and play some pokies haha. What a great couple, I am so grateful for their help. Their Cadillac is also an undeniable sexy beast. It was so much better than I had hoped for as it came rolling into the fuel station my jaw just dropped at the sight.


All day we did different shots and scenes. In the afternoon we even had Anasiou bring his drone in to take some aerial footage. That stepped things up a notch! And I had never seen such technology! You wouldn’t believe how high it could go! I didn’t take a photo of the drone though.. sorry!

IMG_5420 copy

The afternoon was my favourite. During the filming of me singing in front of the car, a farmer moved his cattle from one paddock to the next one down the road…. and that road was where we were. So I just had hundreds of cows surrounding me and mooing at me – gosh it was so difficult to contain my laughter. I’ll have to try and dig that footage out to show, it’s definitely a keeper! It just didn’t make the cut as it was probably a little random. Cows are so cute though.


My other favourite part of the afternoon was when we had to do the shooting scene and execute it in the brief minutes sundown gives. The night before Desh and I practised…. getting shot.. at home with a pillow on the ground. Desh would jab me in the shoulder to try and replicate the force. I practised falling forward. On set, Jonathan the director wanted me to fall BACKWARDS. Oh I did not plan for that!


So the first few takes had this lingering pause after I got ‘shot’ before I realised I had to actually fall deliberately onto the bitumen. Eventually I had adrenaline through me as we tried to beat the sunset for the shot so I was just falling all over the place and didn’t feel a thing. I’ll tell you the next day I had a gash and bruises everywhere hahahaha. You don’t even get to see me falling in the video. Just letting you know that I was a great actress that deserves a Grammy and I should probably switch careers now. Hahaha just kidding.


Rhiannon our producer made a great lunch fiesta. I was just amazed that she had made felafels, meatballs and salad packed into little boxes for each person. She also did a great job at coordinating everything. I seriously was so relieved by the end of this project that there was one thing in my music career I didn’t have to micro manage at all.


I pretty much drove this the whole day. It was definitely an experience doing left hand drive on Australian roads. Francis taught me a neat trick to concentrate on the horizon to get my balance as sometimes I just over stressed about it. It just doesn’t feel right haha.


A huge thanks to the cast and crew. Being an independent artist really relies on other people’s generosity and talents too and the fact that everyone is just so willing to help me out makes me so grateful. I had a great time working with this team and I hope to do it all again. This is definitely my best music video yet and it was all due to the people you don’t get to see in the clip. A special thanks to Jonathan for rounding them up for me!

TADA!! Here they all are!


Just kidding.. here’s the cast and crew!

  • Peter Sixtus

    Thank you Deena and all the crew , it was a priviledge to be part of the production , it was a first for us so we were intrigued to watch the whole process , the very best of luck with your new release and good luck for the future , peter and elaine

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