‘Cupid’ Single Launch @ The Zoo

I. Had. An. Amazing. Night.


Besides the trepidation and nervousness that was surging through my veins all night, it was one of my favourite gigs. The night was a reassurance of why I do what I do and why I go through the ups and downs. I just let myself go.

Switchblade Suzie was on first. They were a power house of rock. The vocals on Willow were just amazing and effortless. She had a sound that was both strong and sweet. The band was so talented as well, I really enjoyed them. I chose them because I’ve been meaning to check them out for a really long time so there was no escaping if I added them into the line up too haha.

Up next were The Reversals. Two of the members in there are good friends of mine with such gentle souls. They were quite fitting too being folky rock. The bassist player at one point whipped out the horn and played that WHILST still playing the bass. Insane.

The newspaper articles that I’ve had circulating the last few weeks drummed up a few interesting people into the audience. One of them was my old primary school teacher when I was in grade 5!! Couldn’t believe it. I remembered him being a bad ass guitarist back then and he said he still plays. He played in an The Eagles tribute band which took him to as far as Canada! Another audience member was my second cousin. I’ve never heard of him or met him but he reached out to me. Having more than just my mum out of my family in the audience was refreshing and touching, even if it is quite extended.


Oh yeah!! Did you see? I landed the FRONT PAGE of MX newspaper the day before the gig. I could not believe it. I thought when we did the photoshoot I was just going to be getting a small thumbnail. And I love that right underneath I get Ebola On Its Way… I’ve been called Ebola at work now. One day, in 20 years it’ll be so historical that I was featured with the modern black plague.


This was the first time I played a synth at a gig. We decided to just muck around with it at one of the rehearsals and it just added a layer that the acoustic guitar wouldn’t be able to do sometimes. BUT because I had never done it before my hands were shaking violently haha.

I even tried banter between songs at this gig. That is so unlike Deena. I TALKED. I ACTUALLY TALKED TO THE CROWD. Hahahahaha! We ended up drumming up around 140 people to the gig which was so good for a Thursday night so I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who came, my awesome band, the talented support acts, the staff at The Zoo, Maximus & Jacob for filming and those who supported spiritually and virtually haha. I’ll be getting some videos done of the night for those who couldn’t make it to enjoy.


I also have some left over Cupid T-shirts that I made which I’ll put up onto the shop when I get around to it.

Anyway, the single is out! Music video will be coming soon.. which I am actually so excited for!
If you haven’t heard it yet, you can actually download Cupid for FREE here:


Or listen to it here: