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2017 Japan Acoustic Tour


Coming straight back to my birthplace! It’s been a few years but I’m excited to kick off the first shows of the year in Japan. I’ll definitely be trialing out some new songs that I’m working on AND super excited to also be bringing along my guitarist Joe Fallon to do the shows as a […]


Hawaii Day 9 – Waimea Canyon


Our resort is on the beach. We weren’t expecting that! So we started our day looking at the great view that we had access to. Surprisingly, the meals at Lava Lava Beach Club were some of the best we’ve had all trip so I was a happy camper. We then embarked on a bit of […]


Ueno + Jiyugaoka


We decided to squeeze in a little shopping at Ueno. I bought some new shoes which I had been eyeing off this whole trip but didn’t come in a large enough size for my not so quaint Japanese lady feet. I finally found them in men’s. After a day of shopping and showing James the […]


Arashiyama & Tofukuji


In the morning, we headed to Arashiyama. This was an easy train ride from Kyoto station that took 20 minutes using the JR Sagano Line to Saga Arashiyama. This local shrine had carefully placed stones on top of each other everywhere. We then headed straight into the dense bamboo groves, which also included a flock […]


North Kyoto


We started our day at Ginkakuji the Golden Pavilion. Even though I’ve been to most of the places in Kyoto before, the sites never cease to amaze me. Every single one have an expertly amount of craftsmanship, preservation and dedication. Even tree branches have the same methodology of craftsmanship, preservation and dedication applied.   We […]


East Kyoto


We started our day off at the bottom of East Tokyo with Sanjusangendo. That was extraordinary, we weren’t allowed to take photos. In the temple there are 1001 statues of Kannon, the goddess of mercy. It’s actually an amazing sight to behold due to simplicity and repetition. We then met my old high school friend, […]


Stormy Shinjuku

photo 1

The weather was still absolutely horrible.. but we had to push on as it was our last day in Tokyo before we embarked to other destinations. We were yet to check out Shinjuku, home of the busiest train station in the world. We started with Lumine Est department store. The weather was so bad I […]


Japan Tour with 山崎怠雅


I am so excited and so happy to announce that I will be doing a Japan tour with Taiga Yamazaki (山崎怠雅) in November. Taiga has just released his second album, ‘Monolith To Umi’ and we will be taking on eight acoustic shows over the week to celebrate. I hope to see any locals or those […]


Day 9 – Tokyo


Well, I got hit on my last day with the typhoon. It was a drastic change from the previous night’s humid heats. In the morning I went to Tokyo Station to meet at the popular meeting place, Gin no Suzu. I met up with Taiga Yamazaki, independent Japanese artist and his wife for chats and […]


Day 4 – Jozan & Otaru


Morning view from my hotel room. Absolutely stunning. I had to take another photo before we went into the hot springs again for our morning shower. Then we had breakfast and headed off to go to Jozan. On the way we stopped by a observatory area where we were once again eclipsed by the cerulean […]