International Women’s Day

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I was just thinking last night how I was the only female amongst 14 musicians (the gig was a lot of fun though). It was such a coincidence to then wake up this morning to hear it was International Women’s Day today and that only 20% of Australian singer-songwriters are female. We aren’t less talented, […]


Yangon, Myanmar


It was bittersweet flying back into Yangon. Firstly, sweet because we get to explore the capital city of Myanmar and observe the stark contrasts between city and villages. Secondly, bitter as it meant it was our last stop before returning back to Malaysia en route to Brisbane. We walked around Chinatown many times for feeds, […]




So the other day a friend of mine was so kind to try and introduce me online to his event manager friend in the music industry. Before a conversation could even begin, she snubbed my hello, wrote “Alrighty” and left the conversation. Then, without even meeting me or knowing anything about me, she went on […]


Mt French

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It was Luke’s (drummer) birthday on Friday so we decided to head out west to Moogerah Peaks National Park, more commonly known by rock climbers as Frog’s Buttress and checked out an untouched property bordering the park which Luke is looking to get. Absolutely gorgeous. After hiking through hectares of Black Boys, we popped down […]


Graduation & Resurrection of Creativity

graduation robe Bond University business degree

So I hit a personal milestone – I graduated. And although the ceremony was full of your typical boring spiel of congratulatory speeches and reading long lists of names, I am so glad to have had my turn of it. I can officially say that I have a bachelor degree attached to my name. I […]


Happy Mother’s Day!

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO MY ADORABLE MOO MOO!! I am so blessed to have a mother with such strength, love, courage, wisdom, charisma and absolute cuteness. Even though you’re oceans away right now, just know that you are in my thoughts, not just today, but everyday that you are not at home. Bun and I […]


The Lonely Side to Being Independent


I’m so proud of being an independent artist. To be able to say I did all of this by myself and with the support of some great people around me is a salute to the hard work that has been put in. But some days it is far from glitz and glamour. Today is one. […]