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Day 2 – Inlay & Sanding


In the morning, Sean talked to us about soundboards and bracing. For each wood to really have the best tone, we need to look at the flexibility of the wood pieces to factor in the thickness of the bracing and support. Each wood has differences in stiffness across the grain and flexibility. For the wood […]


Day 1 – Hancock Guitar Workshop

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 7.02.47 pm

For the next two weeks, I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in the bi-annual Hancock Guitar Building Workshop… I was so excited to do this for so long I’ve been struggling to sleep the past week. Hancock Guitars are in the Gold Coast region of Queensland so I’ve found myself a little room to […]


VIDEO: I Am Pegasus, Ryan Ross Cover

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 8.02.23 pm

Remember that good ol’ Australian folk song from the 70s? We’ve covered it for Alan, who pledged in our crowd funding campaign last year. Hope you all enjoy our rendition of Ross Ryan’s I Am Pegasus. Joe even swapped out his electric guitar for his main man – classical! Just remember you can download the […]


VIDEO: Lovesong Live from The Zoo


Yay!! Another live video from the gig last year in October at The Zoo. This has been one of my favourite gigs and am so glad I can finally share another snippet from it. One of my favourite songs by The Cure. Make sure to swing by my Soundcloud account to grab a FREE download!


VIDEO: Habits by Tove Lo Cover

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.11.47 pm

Kicking off the covers that were requested from the crowd funding campaign last year! First song was requested by Mickey with Habits – Tove Lo. Thanks to Joe Fallon for accompanying me on the electric guitar. Tune in to my YouTube to see the other covers roll in I’m also putting the tracks up on […]