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VIDEO: Your Heart is as Black as Night

Your heart

Yay!!! Finally another video got slapped together from last year’s Cupid release. Check it out below! Also, keep your eyes out on my YouTube channel and Soundcloud as I get the covers up that people have requested from the crowdfunding campaign. I’ll be uploading videos and putting up free downloads!


Milk Factory w/ Betty & Oswald


We had the delight to perform with the sweet bohemian Betty & Oswald from Sydney on their King of Bohemia tour. They were such a joy to watch with their gypsy tunes and their adorable use of megaphones, kazoo and accordion.   Sadly, this was our last gig with our bassist Jack so that definitely […]


Band Press Shoots with Adam Smith


As we wrap up the Black Cat campaign.. I just wanted to feature and say a huge thank you to Adam Smith (@adamjsmith_) for putting his hand up to shoot us as a band. It was a pain in the butt to scout isolated domestic locations and smelly free Gumtree couches, but Adam was there […]


MX Shoot

IMG_6706 copy

Outtakes and Behind The Scenes from the MX newspaper shoot with Ric Frearson. Was a little embarrassing posing in the middle of Queen St Mall, Brisbane city! Especially when passerbys start pulling out their iPhones to take a photo of you even though they have no idea who you are but they think they should […]