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Last Gig on the ‘Black Cat’ Tour


Friday night saw our last gig for the Black Cat tour. Phew! And what a way to finish as well.. It was my favourite gig to date as everything just worked out perfectly. That never happens. Duckboi (Chris) and Jack Bratt from Golden Age of Ballooning We ended the tour doing a co-headline gig with […]


International Women’s Day

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I was just thinking last night how I was the only female amongst 14 musicians (the gig was a lot of fun though). It was such a coincidence to then wake up this morning to hear it was International Women’s Day today and that only 20% of Australian singer-songwriters are female. We aren’t less talented, […]


Australian Tour continued…


After our saved night from the murder den by staying at the venue we played at, we decided to recover from our late night celebration by heading to Blacksmith cafe in Redfern or Surry Hills. Those two suburbs confuse me as they’re right by each other. We then headed down to Central station to do […]


Yangon, Myanmar


It was bittersweet flying back into Yangon. Firstly, sweet because we get to explore the capital city of Myanmar and observe the stark contrasts between city and villages. Secondly, bitter as it meant it was our last stop before returning back to Malaysia en route to Brisbane. We walked around Chinatown many times for feeds, […]


Inle Lake, Myanmar


We caught another small plane from Bagan to Inle Lake and once we settled into our new temporary home, set out to adventure around the area on push bikes. We stumbled onto this old monastery in the middle of the farm fields. We thought it was a tourist attraction as we read the maps wrong […]


Bagan, Myanmar


Once we flew into Bagan in a very small plane – we checked in, rented e-bikes and made our way through the town. Our first stop was Nyang U Market, a local market for groceries, household goods as well as a little strip to tend to the tourists. Here we saw ladies carry the craziest […]