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‘Cupid’ Single Launch @ The Zoo


I. Had. An. Amazing. Night. Besides the trepidation and nervousness that was surging through my veins all night, it was one of my favourite gigs. The night was a reassurance of why I do what I do and why I go through the ups and downs. I just let myself go. Switchblade Suzie was on […]


4ZZZ & ABC Evenings with David Curnow

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Had a big day yesterday! In the morning I headed in to 4ZZZ to chat with Quentin of Divers-A-Tea and played an acoustic version of Cupid. In the evening the band and I made an makeshift acoustic getup as this week’s house band for ABC Radio Evenings with David Curnow with Lachie Mackintosh and the […]


Japan Tour with 山崎怠雅


I am so excited and so happy to announce that I will be doing a Japan tour with Taiga Yamazaki (山崎怠雅) in November. Taiga has just released his second album, ‘Monolith To Umi’ and we will be taking on eight acoustic shows over the week to celebrate. I hope to see any locals or those […]


Day 9 – Tokyo


Well, I got hit on my last day with the typhoon. It was a drastic change from the previous night’s humid heats. In the morning I went to Tokyo Station to meet at the popular meeting place, Gin no Suzu. I met up with Taiga Yamazaki, independent Japanese artist and his wife for chats and […]


Day 8 – Furano + Biei + Asahikawa


I finally got my first good night’s rest. It was a relief when my mum woke me up with her voice and not her snoring – she hustled me to go to the hot springs early before we went down for breakfast. I loved the hot springs facilities at this place. It was just so […]


Day 6 – Sapporo


First thing we did after breakfast was go to the seafood section in a department store. I was wondering for ages why they were spending ages in there… and then I found out that you can ask them to send things for you as a service so the adults sent the famous Hokkaido crab to […]


Day 7 – Furano


We woke up nice and early to rain. I love rain but, kind of makes it annoying on travels. So we went to the local convenience store ‘combini’ Lawson and bought some umbrellas. Then we headed off, it was about a 2 hours drive today to Furano. On the way we stopped for a toilet […]


Day 4 – Jozan & Otaru


Morning view from my hotel room. Absolutely stunning. I had to take another photo before we went into the hot springs again for our morning shower. Then we had breakfast and headed off to go to Jozan. On the way we stopped by a observatory area where we were once again eclipsed by the cerulean […]


Day 5 – Otaru


  In Otaru we enjoyed the many streets filled with boutique shops of music boxes, glass and crystal crafts and pastries. I finally got sucked into consumerism and splurged on these beautiful stained glass frames, trays, plate, vases, kerosene lamps etc. I also bought some biscuit delicacies and some simple coaster woodwork. I’m so sorry […]